Truck mounting

Don Valentine <riverman_vt@...>

Hello folks,

     In enlarging my fleet of Rutland #8000 and #9000 series boxcars six more of Dennis Storzeks 
kits for these double sheathed NYC cars have been assembled. As many of you know, these are
resin kits in which the body bolsters are soft metal castings. The castings were designed to accept 
truck having a large enough hole in their bolster to slip over the ring of the body bolster. The 
prototype used Bettendorf T-section trucks and I prefer to use the Kadee trucks of that style on
the models. However, the bolster of the Kadee trucks will have to be drilled out to slip over the 
ring of the body bolster unless it is filed off. In looking at models of these cars assembled some
years ago I found that on some I had filled the body bolster smooth at this point but on some
had drilled out the truck bolster to slip over the ring. I've not noticed any difference in the 
operation of the two different methods used to mount the trucks but wonder how others have
mounted trucks on such body bolsters and what their experience might have been. Any 
thoughts based on actual experience, not "theory" would be appreciated. 

Cordially, Don Valentine

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