Terminology Correctness - was Re: Friction Bearings

Jim Betz

Hi all,

I don't see -any- reason to get your panties in a bunch ... we -all- know what the person
who is speaking/posting means ... and the frequency of EITHER term (in all the cases
where we have these kinds of "disputes") is often enough that it is futile to argue for
one or the other. If you prefer "roof walks" then use it. If you prefer "running boards"
then use that. There are lots and lots of arguments for either side of any of these
discussions ... and neither of them is "correct" (in all contexts).
It should not surprise you that someone uses the brakeman's terms and someone
else uses the CBC/Engineering Departments terminology. In fact - I'm certain that
when the Engineering Dept talked to a brakeman the brakeman didn't have a
problem "translating".

===> But please stop trying to make one or the other as the "correct" term.

On the other hand - there are terms in common use in the hobby - that are "hobby
only/created terms". An example of this is "pongers" for "diaphragms" - and there
are lots of others.
I don't have a problem with using the correct/common industry term in those cases.
But I guess my bottom line is I still don't see the need to repeatedly let the world know
that I "take offense" at someone's use of a hobby only term.

If someone is using a term that they made up - and only they use - then I just "write
them off as someone to be ignored" and skip their posts ...

- get over it and get back to Freight Cars ... Jim B.

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