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Greg Martin

Take good notes as there is going to be a test and this one is worth half of your graduation grade... Sneak Peek, the first question is WHAT IS YOUR NAME?   3^)
Some say that the AAR is just a voluntary organization and it is... But violate on of their rules as a shipper and see how quick you car gets stopped corrected. And it always has a cost to the shipper!
The important lesson here is that you have to have a baseline for all things and from that springs convoluted words... and conceptions.
I am serious this is really important stuff and directly applies to my modeling...
Greg Martin    
Eventually all things merge into one and a river runs through it.
Norman Maclean

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Well, I suppose I should make one more post regarding RR terminology before I terminate the thread...again...because it seems to be developing diminishing returns...again.
As I mentioned earlier, UP personnel in "operations" referred to 4-8-8-4 steam locomotives as 4000's due to their numbering range of 4000-4024 [ one wonders what they called an 0-6-0 numbered 4066? ]. I have no problem using either the "Big Boy" term or "4000" but during an op session few non UP operators would know what a 4000 was...but they would know "Big Boy". So, I consider my audiance. If I'm going to discuss some particular UP RR aspect with a known UP historian/modeler, I'm going to prepare for that discussion and try to use UP terms as much as possible...both "official" and not. Similarly, if I'm going to discuss PFE reefers with Tony Thompson, I'm first going to refresh my knowledge base about R-30-9's...etc...and, if I choose to discuss engineering aspects about frt cars or other RR objects I'll use engineering terms.
In my own case, although I respect the purpose of using "approved by a higher authority" terms, Occasionally I'll slip in the term "friction bearing" just to point out that such "unofficial" RR terms have a place. "Roof walk"? I don't have a clue if real RR employees used it so I try to avoid it.
Regarding other non RR terminologies, "official" and not, I will admit that I cringe when a friend uses the term "red bird" to refer to a cardinal bird. And, of course, at Kennedy Space Center we launched "space vehicles". And all this time you thought those were rockets? Ever heard of a "Space Vehicle Scientist"? 
So, use what suits you but if you want someone else to understand what you refer to, try finding out the item's "official" or at least VERY common name.
So, let's see if we can wrap up this latest terminology discussion tomorrow.
One last thing. On the STMFC, your humble moderator and Head Jailer [ me ] and his able assistant [ Jeff Aley ], are the only individuals assigned the duty of admonishing or otherwise criticizing other members for taking any position within the rules of the STMFC.
Mike Brock

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