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John Barry


By circle-cross do you mean the plain pre-map scheme with the 3 foot herald or the post S&T large circle cross?  Lots of the cars of the cars survived past 59 to wear the large cross.  Since the Bx-37s started delivery in 42, none of them came in the pre-map scheme and all were delivered in a straight map scheme, then repainted in S&T after 47 or large Circle Cross after 59.  
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New question:  Has this car ever been offered in circle-cross?  Even as a kit, back when they used to do such things?  And I don't mean the current 46023, which isn't even the same car and has the post-S&T scheme which I doubt very many of these cars carried.

I don't recall ever having seen the Bx-37 or -43 offered in S&T.  Please correct me if I'm wrong.

Ron Merrick

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