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--- In STMFC@y..., Clark Propst <cepropst@r...> wrote:
I'd like to
see how well it will work on a resin kit, I have a heck of a time
masking that stuff. I really don't have trouble masking it, it's
unmasking that's the problem!
Clark (and everyone else): There are some resin kits that are
particularly slippery and any masking will inevitably remove paint
when the tape is removed (the sides on the Sunshine 1932 ARA box cars
are a good example as they are very 'glossy'). The solution is not
the tape, but to lightly blast the sides prior to painting. There
are several manufacturers of these blasting tools. I happen to have
a Paasche. They work with the compressor that you already have for
your airbrush. They also do a good job on the trucks made of
engineering plastics (such as P2K and Accurail). They eliminate the
problem of paint flaking off the very 'slippery' sideframes.

Ted Culotta

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