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charles slater

The Bx-37 class cars were painted in ALL the schemes that the Santa Fe used over the years. I photographed car 142428 painted at Topeka in July 1980 and still in revenue service when I photographed it at Needles, Ca. on April 18, 1981 while I was working there.

Charlie Slater

Bakersfield, Ca.

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Without photo evidence to confirm, the thousands of cars extant with the '59 change to the S&T Large Circle Cross coupled with the Santa Fe continuing to repaint these cars past the end of time leads me to state there is a very high likelyhood that many of those Bx-37s did receive that scheme and it's successor with "Santa Fe"  instead of S&T.
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My fault, I wasn't specific enough.

I meant the post-59 S&T scheme with the 8' circle-cross.

By the way, Mask Island Decals makes this scheme, only problem being the herald is 8'-6" so not right for either typical 40' nor typical 50'.

Ron Merrick.

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