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A&Y Dave in MD

Checking all my resources (not all, but all mine), it's not an N&W box car. I can find SS with the truss pattern and 5-5-5 ends, but none with the fish belly side sills. Pierre, how many pieces in that 3D pattern you have?

Please someone, prove me wrong, that there is an NW match.

Given Wabash in Ontario is Pierre's interest, it may be some variant of the NYC (Michigan Central?) that would show up regularly enough on Pierre's layout. If I could create resin kits, I'd start with ones I'm interested in seeing. It also has to be common or interesting enough to be commercially viable. 

SO Michigan like MC, PM, New York around Buffalo or Canadian railroad car would be my guess. I'm a y'all railroad modeler, so I don't know that region or its cars so well. So much to learn!


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Very nice. Much better than an earlier model of the same prototype.  It's gonna have to be weathered though....

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