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Charles Peck

Tom, Having examined some of the work of Mobius, I feel compelled to ask.
Is it truly certain that the Mobius boxcars had three sides?  Or really just one side
with three different paint and lettering schemes?  Somewhere there MUST be a 
photograph of the INSIDE of such a car. Unless, of course, we ONLY have
interior shots and lack the outside views.  Did anyone ever look to see if the
other side of a Mobius car was right side up?  And how would one know when
a round trip had been completed?  Geometry students are hoping this is not
on their final test.
Chuck Peck in FL (Or in Hell, depending on if the lawn needs mowed.)

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“Isn't history interesting?”

>Tom Madden

When you write it, Tom, it’s hilarious!


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There were six of those cars. They belonged to the Canadian National's Mexican subsidiary, CNdeM. Designed by August Ferdinand Möbius, they were unique in all of North America in having three sides. Side "A" was lettered CANADIAN NATIONAL of MEXICO, side "B", CANADIEN NATIONAL du MEXIQUE, and side "C", CANADIAN NATIONAL de MÉXICO. They were used in sealed, bonded service transporting brightly colored household goods from Mexico to Canada, and monochromatic outdoor furniture on the return trips.

The service was terminated after a particularly tragic event, when several Canadian citizens, fleeing the oppressive ennui of their homeland in search of a new, if not flamboyant, at least less boring, life south of the border(s). died in a sealed boxcar that was inadvertently routed through Chicago. When the car was finally opened, their last, heartbreaking words were found written on one of the inside walls. Those words resonate to this day to citizens of our neighbor to the north seeking something better: "Beige is not a color!"

The six cars were converted to Geometry cars. It's good to see that models will soon be available.

Isn't history interesting?

Tom Madden

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