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Tom Madden

A fan wrote :
> Very convincing story that made my lousy prototype modeling day. I propose
> a Pulitzer prize nomination for Tom.

You misspelled "Pullet Surprise".

<Sigh>  Sixty five years in the hobby, dozens of clinic presentations, thousands of hours of Pullman research to unearth data useful to modelers, dabbling in advanced technologies to help make them accessible to the hobby, and I'll probably be remembered for a ten minute toss-off intended to tease Pierre for being overly coy about his CP auto car project. A toss-off that contains embarrassing punctuation, grammar and syntax errors that escaped my notice in my haste to be clever.

Let's pull this back into the realm of acceptability for the STMFC. Most of us have a vision of what 3D printing will/should/might be able to do for the hobby when it (3D printing) matures. Pierre is demonstrating how to work with what 3D printing can do today. You have three parameters: price, level and quality of detail, and suitability for use. You get to control only one, If your "use' is as a small static or display piece, something right out of a printer might work. (OK, not right out of the printer. You'll have to clean, assemble and/or paint it.) But if you want a model durable enough to be operated and handled repeatedly, you'll be disappointed by the detail level - or shocked by the cost.

Pierre's use is as a pattern for resin casting. For that, the high up front costs for designing and printing can be justified, and the originals only have to survive one round of mold making if he uses first generation castings to assemble his production masters. I don't know what Pierre has invested in the project, nor what his anticipated production will be, but he's certainly taking a risk, and it's really on our behalf. I wish him well and will certainly be buying one of these models.

Disclaimer: I've done casting for Pierre but am not involved in this project.

Tom Madden

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