Re: Update from Speedwitch —Ba chmann gon decals?

Richard Dermody <ddermody@...>


The Bachmann car IS only a few years old.

I think the confusion about the ends may lie with Richard Hendrickson's notes.

Car 14506 shown in Tony's photograph is the Bachmann car and the ends are not Accurail or Detail Associates, but the Bachmann ends that originally came with the car. They are both removeable and molded on both sides. They are so faithful to the original I strongly doubt Richard would have replaced them.

Here are some pictures from Fallen Flags showing the original.

The Bachmann car is nicely done, but not at a level justifying the ridiculous list price. A browse around the net should fine some the low $20 range, a much more reasonable price.


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I thought the Bachmann car was fairly new, last 3-4 years. How long has it been around?

Bill Welch

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