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Donald B. Valentine

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These historic Lackawanna photos are a real treasure.


In the main photo, it’s interesting to see the different gondolas and hoppers in the yard. Of the steel hoppers, I think two are similar to a design used on the NYC Lines.


Here’s an image featuring a Michigan Central version of the hopper. It’s the one behind the gondola.


It’s also interesting to see a mill gondola pressed into coal or aggregate service. Look to the far right and in front of the passenger car in that first link.



The next image features more of a broadside view of several Lackawanna freight cars and shifted more to the right. I count six or seven gondola designs. Here’s the link.


And no, I’m not counting the remains of a car in the ditch near the photo title.



One of the photos posted today features a different angle on this facility.


And another from today has a nice variety of Lackawanna equipment.



Thanks, Schuyler!


Eric Hansmann

El Paso, TX



.    It is not just the gondolas that I find interesting, Eric. Look at the DL&W

twin hoppers with the alternating channel ribs on their sides AND a rather

different exterior brace for the slope sheet. Can't say that I'd ever seen the

latter feature before as it is something that would have been remembered 

if I had. Neat photos all. Thanks for posting their URL's.

Cordially, Don Valentine








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