Re: Bob's photos

Dave Owens

Bob was at a few weeks ago in Enfield, Conn. and we look forward to his return next year. 

Bob was in West Springfield at a motel the weekend of the big show and I expect he'll be there next year. 

If there is a prototype modeling meet near you, you might find him there.

He is a vendor at many. 

Dave Owens
West Hartford, Conn.  

On Jun 18, 2016, at 11:16 PM, richardmcquade@... [STMFC] <STMFC@...> wrote:

I used to go to the Amherst Show but haven't been able to go for the past few years. I know that Bob's Photos had a big display there but then had to leave. I know he goes to Naperville and Cocoa Beach and usually gets a hotel room but when he was at the W Springfield Show he had a bunch of tables and boxes of unsorted photos. I had some of my best finds in those boxes.
I'm hoping to find a show closer to me that he attends as opposed to events where he just brings his binders of photos. I live in Toronto, Canada so hopefully something in the states south of Lakes Ontario and Erie would likely work out for me.
Can any of you help me regarding this?

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