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AL, I definitely would buy at least one of the books!
Thanks Chuck for the hint to look at the N&W HS.
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My co-authors have reminded me that there is still a possibility of doing small-batch (50 or 100 copies) offset printings . . . if we get the layout work done somehow.  I believe that is how the N&W HS folks do their Branchline books.

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    You might be referring to the Bethlehem Car Works #1241, Pilchner Patent truck. However, I believe this is the correct 6 wheel truck for this car. (in ho)
Chuck Hladik
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The N&W and VGN cars were well documented in technical journals of the times.  CBC's have very detailed general drawings of original cars. As rebuilt cars are less documented as to details.
Modeling 6-wheel trucked cars are a challenge in general . . . unless you use scale wheels.  Modeler's slang on early six-wheel truck designs get mixed up with the patent holder's names.
Al Kresse

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    You might try the N&W archives as they too had these cars. (I think)
Chuck Hladik
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Those huge Battleship gons are really impressive. Thanks for the photo link to the abused car. And I suppose none of these has been preserved, correct? I have 46 of the old brass NPP models (which I am upgrading, of course) and the matching CB 2-10-10-2 class AE (which also needs upgrades and detail corrections).
The cars need completely new trucks and brake detailing, which I intend to use 3D prints for.
Unfortunately I can't find much of these cars online. Does anyone know a good source of pics and other information, either online or printed?
Thanks and Regards
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I think just a few years later, the place that I work for, P&H Mining Equipment, made regular use of the same class of cars. They certainly were recognizable as the same battleship gons,

We would fill it up over several days with metal chips and turning scraps from the machine shop. Then it would travel from the 4300 block of West National Avenue to about 1500 East where the big pig-iron and scrap yard was on Jones Island. That was on the south end of the same general yard used by the B&O RR car ferry dock at the north end of the yards.
These cars were used for many years like that. They looked to be in much better condition than the one in the link.
And yet….. they would be filled to over-flowing before they were were finally collected and moved to the steel scrap collection site.
One day I was sight-seeing on Jones Island on the weekend and I got to see what was the end of one of the loaded cars.
It almost made it all the way into the scrap collection company…… Almost …..
When I saw it, it was several hundred feet away from that place with the middle of the car bent down and resting on the rails. The car had broken its back with the steel scrap load piled about the middle outside of the car, where it had sort of flowed out of the now ‘V’ shaped and bowed out car sides. 
I had a camera with me and took some pictures, not that I know where those are today.
It was different to see and considering that I had read somewhere that the battleship gons were built to haul coal, I instantly understood how the repeated loads of much heavier steel chips finally did it in.
Best to ya,
Mike Bauers
Milwaukee, Wi
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Photo Caption: " Caption: “This car used by Northwestern Steel & Wire to haul scrap around their sprawling mill complex started life on the Virginian Railway. Nicknamed "battleship gons” Virginian had over 2000 of these cars that rode on six-wheeled trucks. This was taken sometime in 1980.“


Photo by John Leopard









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