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Donald B. Valentine

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I am assembling a F&C resin AAR 1932 boxcar kit, destined to be one of the BAR 65000-65499 series. On the side castings, there are three "knobs" in the middle of each side panel, at the top, middle and bottom. They look like oversized rivets. What were these for? Were they present on most/all '32 design boxcars? They are not evident on most photos I've looked at and I'm wondering if they are not present or just hard to see. Thanks in advance for the help.
Rich Gibson
Billings, MT

Hi Rich,

    I do not see any such "knobs" on any of the BAR #65000 - #65499 car photos here. These include
several builders photos and in service photos throughout the life of the cars that appear in Ted Culotts's
superb book on the 1932 AAR cars. If you are seriously interested in that prototype the book is a 
"must have".

Cordially, Don Valentine

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