Re: 1932 ARA book Re: AAR 1932 boxcar question

Donald B. Valentine

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You dont even need to make room on the bookcase for Ted's excellent book. Put it on your computer or tablet for only $25.


Paul Krueger
Seattle, WA

    That's all well and good, Paul, but some of us would much prefer to have a book at hand we can reach and open as needed......and type responses at the same time as I did in the case at hand. The day I own a tablet will be when one places one in my coffin and buries it with me with me but not before. Sorry, I just don't care for such things. Had to get a new cell phone three weeks ago and some salesperson tried to sell me a new
I Pod or some such thing for several hundred dollars. My response was that when they could not make one
of the things that would last more than a couple of years at best a plain old flip or razor phone for $50 or so
was the only thing they could sell me on. The best modeler I have ever met is a good friend and won't even
have a thing to do with a computer! Some of us are just "old school"!

My best, Don Valentine

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