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John Barry

If it is the 5 inch turret load displayed at CCB 2015, it is for a 5" 54 caliber turret used on the Forrest Sherman and Charles F. Adams destroyers from the mid 50s.  They may have been used on other classes of ships after time stopped in 1960.  

Another load that would be useful for us WWII modelers would be a 5" 38 gun house either the single used on the Fletcher class, or the twin used on the Gearings, and almost any other naval vessel that was constructed with 5" secondary armament during the war.
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My C&WC kit is awaiting paint while I have not touched my NKP and L&N wood side gons. I model October 1955 and I think most if not all of Chad's "Combo Door" kits are too late for me. Can someone confirm this for me please?

I don't see it on his list but I know he has a flat car load in the form of 5-Inch Destroyer gun turret. I am not sure what class Destroyer is good for however.

Bill Welch

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