Closest paint match.

Donald B. Valentine

Hi folks,

    I have a Santa Fe boxcar and a GofG vent to paint later today. On hand I have Accu-Paint 
AP-12 Oxide Brown & AP-54 Rich Oxide Brown. Also on hand are True-Color #11 Boxcar Brown,
#082 Rich Oxide Brown, #93 Oxide Brown, #197 Rock Island Frt. Car Red, #182 ACL Frt. Car Brown, 
#190 CM&O Frt. Car Brown, #198 B&M Frt. Car Red, #203 MEC Frt Car Red, #208 NH Frt. Car Red, 
#216 Erie Frt, Car Red, #218 BAR Frt. Car Red and #221 NYC Frt. Car Red. With this supply I do not 
intend to order more paint and thus wonder might be best for the two cars mentioned as painted of a bit
faded by time and use.

   Thanks for any suggestions.

Cordially, Don Valentine

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