Re: Western Refrigerator Lines (WRX) reefers

ron christensen

There are 3 color pictures of WRX cars in the color
book Classic Freight Cars vol 3 40 ft refrigerator
Page 36 and 37.
WRX #9014 has black ends the picture was taken July 84
the car was built in 1954.
WRX #9670 and 9787 have white ends on a white car
leased to Green Bay and Western. These are wood with
the pictures taken in the 60's
Hope this helps
Ron Christensen

--- "Mark Mathu <>" <>
A group of modelers are trying to determine the
color of the ends of
Western Refrigerator Lines (WRX) reefers in the
1950s paint scheme.
We suspect that it was either boxcar red or black,
but we've been
unable to find information to verify either color.

Can you help?

Here is some background information (if it helps):

The WRX cars were built by ACF in 1929 with GREEN
lettered in railroad roman font in an arch on the
left side of the
horizontally on the
right side. Based on an abundance of models of
these cars and other
circumstantial evidence, the cars had boxcar red
ends when they wore
this scheme.

The lettering scheme we are interested in began to
appear by 1950 with
WESTERN REFRIGERATOR LINE in railroad gothic font
placed horizontally
on the left side of the car and GB&W LINES on the
right side. Black
and white photos indicate dark ends on the car, but
as I stated we
are unable to verify the color. Models in this
paint scheme were
produced in HO (Silver Streak, 1970s) with boxcar
red ends; perhaps
the model companies have information that we have
been unable to

WRX 9000 has been preserved at the National Railroad
Museum in Green
Bay, Wis. This car has a simplified paint scheme
with only the
reporting marks and car number on the left side of
the car. This car
has boxcar red ends also. Based on the condition of
the preserved
car, this paint appears to be original and not a
restoration done by
the museum. I suspect that this scheme came after
the 1950s paint
scheme, and may have been used when only a few cars
remained in the
WRX fleet.

Mark Mathu

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