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Norm Buckhart

just a note to let everyone know that Protocraft’s HO decal line will soon have it’s SP Caboose decal set available in HO

there are a number of HO SP decal sets available

norm buckhart

On Jun 27, 2016, at 12:09 PM, Ted Waterhouse ted_waterhouse@... [STMFC] <STMFC@...> wrote:

Hey all, I haven't been on the site in ages but have recently been working on an American Models Southern Pacific C-30-1 caboose kit. Coming along great but a few questions have come up that I'm hoping some of you prototype experts may be able to answer. 
First off, looking at Tony Thompson's SP Freight Car Vol 2, there's a photo of underbody brake rigging (P 123), noting the complexity of the rig. Does anyone know if a drawing or diagram - or even a brake rigging kit that would allow me to model the brake rigging accurately?
Then, on the same page, a shot of the roof refers to the black roof cement. The black and white photo is difficult to asses as far as color. Would one assume then that the color of roof would be black even though SP cars were nominally over-all freight-car red? Was the roofing compound actually painted?
I'm thinking of using the Kadee Bettendorf caboose trucks that are available with electrical contacts as I'm planning to add a Blackstone/Soundtraxx lighting unit in the roof (yeah I know cabeese weren't really lit all that much but I'll turn the brightness down). American Models suggests Bettendorf as being the closest available in appearance even though the class actually was mostly fitted with Vulcans at this time. There are Vulcan trucks out there I guess but not caboose w/leaf springs. Any thoughts on this?
And can anyone suggest the most appropriate currently available decal set for a C-30-1 circa early 1950s? nothing from Microscale I see and of course the Champ sets suggested in the kit are long gone.
Oh yeah and finally, does anyone know if the possible existence of records showing caboose assignments on various branches of the SP in early 50s? I'm particularly interested in the Jawbone (Lone Pine) branch, the Ojai and the Santa Paula and would love to find out what cabooses were on these runs - not to mention locomotives. So many train shots of the era show the front end but not the rear end of a train!

Thanks for any info.! Ted Waterhouse, San Luis Obispo

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