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Donald B. Valentine

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The following message is forwarded to Don Valentine from John Golden:

"You didn't mention your era. I have some color photos of CofG trains circa
1951 with some CofG cars in the consist and I would characterize the color
as Red Oxide. The cars stand out brightly in the consists. If I were mixing
I'd start with Oxide Red (which is almost orange to my eyes) and add red.

I used Scalecoat PRR FCC on a CofG model and after dullcote the color was
too brown for my taste. Next time I will go with a more orange/red combo.

Of course, throw some road grime and soot black on any car and it turns up
like all the rest of them: Brown.

If you'd like me to scan and send the photos please let me know.

John Golden

     Thank you John. You're right, I forgot to mention my time frame and need to
remember it for such questions. My cut off date is 31 Dec. 1948 as I have little
interest in modeling much that came into being after that. If any of your color
photos depict a CofG house car painted before that date they might be helpful.
Thanks for your offer. You can reach me directly at riverman_vt@....

    I have a bottle of Accu-paint here from which the label on the cap has 
disappeared. It is a far brighter red that the various oxide reds on hand, however,
so I will probably give it a try. Do you have any idea of what should be used for
the Santa Fe car from the colors I listed earlier?

Thanks for your assistance, Don Valentine

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