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Well, in a pinch I’ve used a door hinge as a vice and a razor blade to fold over the part.  Worked well enough.


Rob Kirkham


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Having purchased a set of Yarmouth ladders for one car, I am distressed at the suggestions to buy a $40 jig to bend them!  This is going to push the cost of this one kitbash to the cost of a loco!  (I already purchased a NWSL True Sander for this bash, but I can justify the cost because I will use it for future builds.)  I don't think that I am going to retrofit my entire fleet with Yarmouth ladders, so I'm loath to spend the cash to bend a total of 4 ladders. 

I was of a similar mindset with respect to $40 tweezers (I bought a set of Tamiya craft tweezers for something like $13, and consider that a fair price).  Some people build more cars than I do, or have more disposable income than I do, and can justify spending the money. 

So, along the same lines, while I can justify spending $3.00 on a set of ladders, I can't justify $40 on a bender for that one set.  I'm sure that I could find a resin kit to spend that money on.  What do people recommend I do for just these 4 ladders?  Is it not worth even trying? 


Dean Payne

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