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Unable to view any visual. If it was a short caboose, it was a "one or two of" and there is no kit

There are no kits of L&N Bay Window cabooses built in our era, either the wood or steel sheathed versions and I thought the questioner was looking for kit possibilities.

Bill Welch

What I see there is the strong possibility to take any model bay window caboose model produced in the last 30 years…..

Even a cast-off old shell…

And rebuild it to become that wanted caboose.

Splice and assemble two bodies into the single needed body if you wish.

The old body or full car is the bulk of the wanted ‘kit’. The majority of the rest of the ‘kit’ is common assorted sheet styrene or similar flat material.

It’s even more fun than just assembling a normal kit.

Best to ya,
Mike Bauers
Milwaukee, Wi

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