Don't Be afraid to Make Something. . .

Bill Welch

Sometimes it is just a small part or fitting that separates an available model from one we want. In the case of converting a Detail Assoc.'s GS gon from SP to Illinois Central it is a little more complicated than that, but after I had the Accurail Dreadnaught end in place, I thought I was pretty much done. Famous last words, hah!

Then I realized I did not like the way the Draft Gear/Bolster part fit since the was a gap that did not look prototypical so I removed plastic from the center sills ends until the DG/B part butted against the end sill. Then I re-detailed the end sill and decided to carve off the kit's buffer plate and try to build a new one based on the photos I had from CBC's. It has not gone quickly nor is it perfect but I think when I am finished it will more than capture the feeling and look of the casting on the IC car. I guess you could call it a "finishing touch." The link has file with photos of the parts so far.

Don't be afraid to make something

I still need to add two bits on each part that will form sort of "V" shape web in the middle that will straddle triangle of rivets and come together at the front. I will then flood each part a couple of times with Testors to more or less round the edges off and make each one look more like cast metal.

I offer this to say don't "not do something" because it will not be perfect/you don't have dimensions/drawings/will take too much time/whatever but rather give it a try. You can surprise yourself and have a satisfactory result.

Bill Welch

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