Re: Caboose On End Of Train

Louie B. Hydrick

The L&N did have a rather substantial group of cabins that were shorter than most other bay window cabooses I observed or rode in the southeast in the 1970's - 1980's.
These cabins were home built reusing much salvage.  The seats were generally old passenger car seats.  At least one of these cabins was transferred to the Georgia due to a derailment, and that one still exists on private property in middle Georgia.  There were variations in interior equipment and fitting from cabin to cabin.  At least one cabin had old parlor car pedestal chairs instead of the more typical paired coach seats. 
They rode like a buckboard on flat wheels, and the experience was that you felt like you were riding in a shaken tin can of rocks.  The crews were greatly relieved when the were assigned one of the ex-ACL or RF&P cabins instead of the L&N "Rattle Cans".   

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