Re: Scratch-building Gondola - Brass and Styrene

Dave Sarther

Does anyone have copies of Prototype Modeler from:

  • Hendrickson, Richard.  September, 1982.  Prototype Modeler.  Modeling Mill Gondolas/1, page 31.
  • Hendrickson, Richard.  November, 1982.  Prototype Modeler.  Modeling Mill Gondolas/2, page 12.  
that they would be willing to scan/copy the above pages for the Mill Gondolas?

Thanks,  Dave Sarther    Tucson, AZ

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I am undertaking a scratch building project that was piloted by Charles Hostetler back in 2013 with the 49' inside length 3' deep gondolas.  See his work here - Thank you Charles

I model the EJ&E in 1956 and given that the EJ&E had almost 5000 gondolas, and the majority of them were the 49' model I need several of these.

The shallow three foot depth poses some challenges on weighting the car - how do you get everything sandwiched into about 1/8" of space.  Then I thought - don't sandwich it - make the weight and the floor of the car the same.  A 3/32 brass sheet cut to the size of the floor should provide enough weight, and a styrene L cemented to the side - upside down - provides an index when using ACC to bond the floor to the side, and extra gluing surface.  

Has anyone used this method?   Drawbacks?  Things to watch for?

Cutting accurately would be one challenge, but cutting just wide of the mark and filing down to the mark should give a good straight edge. 

For a wood floor the brass could be scribed and sanded with coarse abrasive to simulate wood grain.  

Your thoughts?

Kurt Clement

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