Re: Scratch-building Gondola - Brass and Styrene

Mark Vinski

The shallow three foot depth poses some challenges on weighting the car - how do you get everything sandwiched into about 1/8" of space.  Then I thought - don't sandwich it - make the weight and the floor of the car the same.  A 3/32 brass sheet cut to the size of the floor should provide enough weight, and a styrene L cemented to the side - upside down - provides an index when using ACC to bond the floor to the side, and extra gluing surface.  

Has anyone used this method?   Drawbacks?  Things to watch for?

I did something like that for a 65' gondola and it worked well. You could use lead sheet for more weight.

Detailing the floors of gondolas is not really necessary. Many of the prototype car floors are so covered with debris that they are not visible.

Mark Vinski

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