Re: Rutland double sheathed boxcar colors - was WM freight car color in late 1950's

Donald B. Valentine

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I agree Rich, I had a similar conversation with a Southern shop employee years ago and he thought it was comical that us modelers(foamers, I think he referred to our hobby group) were so caught up in paint colors.  I haven't worried too much since then.  I try to be close but with our lighting, age of car we are trying to match and the plain fact that most of us see each and every car through different eyes and mind sets, it isn't that big a deal.

Fenton Wells

    My feelings as well Fenton but if it makes any difference True Color offers their #TCP-99 listed as 
their "Western Maryland Brown".  True Color is now listing more browns, reds, and oxide colors for
various railroads than I've ever seen from any other supplier, if not all other suppliers combined. One
wonders how many of them are the same but with a different railroad's name on the label!

    Some cars in  my big Rutland boxcar build are now nearing completion and a question has arisen.
There are eight of the Storzek 40 ft. cars and five of the F&C 36 ft. cars in this mass build plus a
nearly the same Boston & Albany 36 ft. F&C car as well. A Westerfield Santa Fe extended roof BX-12
has been completed as well. My question concerns roof colors and I now wish it had been thought of
when some of my older Rutland friends were still with us. All of these cars have paneled metal roofs.
I have used True Color's  #221 NYC boxcar brown for both the lone Boston & Albany car as well as 
the Rutland cars. Not having better information the metal roofs have also been painted with this same
color. But I'm wondering if these roofs might have been painted with a black roof cement just as the
metal roof of the prototype Santa Fe car was?  The upper surface of the extended roof has been 
painted black with the sides of the extension are boxcar brown as that was the advise received from
this group a few weeks ago. Not having True Color's #251 Santa Fe boxcar brown, however, but
understanding that it was a deep brown, I have cheated here and used the NYC brown for it as well.
Yes, Jon Miller, I know that to you this is heresy but it gets the job done and is my way of applying
the same points that Fenton has made.  In any event, any knowledge of the Rutland boxcar roof
proper color would be helpful and appreciated. They will remain brown until more is known.

Cordially, Don Valentine

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