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Andy and friends,

I have one of your WP cars in my collection, but can't exactly figure out how to use it since I don't model the WP mainline or the USS Pittsburg (correct, no "h") works on the SN. It is a neat little car, and you saved me from hacking up a Proto 2000 gon. :~) I made coil racks for it, and loaded it with coils.

For those of you who would like to see photos of these unique cars, go here: . Cars 6457 and 6462 show how they looked after their first repainting circa 1960. Cars 4403 and 4414 represent the cars as they looked near the end of their lives. The UP kept the 25 cars in the renumbered 44XX series for a few years, mostly as MW cars, and one was donated to the Feather River Railroad Musem: . This is how they looked when delivered, complete with the roller freight herald. And yes, they were originally delivered with roller bearing trucks. They also seemed to have had drop ends, but on the cars I examined in the 1970s, the ends were secured upright by a stout steel strap bolted to the bulb angle at each corner.

Yours Aye,

Garth Groff

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Years ago, long before P2K's Greenville 52' gondola was released, I made a resin kit pattern for a 1953 built WP 29' coil steel gondola by shortening the very similar (to the Greenville design) NSC (a Canadian co.) Despatch shops 52' gondola. The donor castings were done in some ABS, or other material, rather than the traditional polystyrene. The details, such as the ribs, were a bit more heavy than the later P2k's offering.

The WP car isn't a good choice for widespread use, as the cars were used for the 1st 2 decades in captive service from Utah's Geneva Steel Works to the finishing mill in Pittsburg (no 'H'), California; an all WP/Sacramento Northern run.
-Andy Carlson
Ojai CA

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Greg, Don, everyone:
I believe Pierre has gotten his hands on a full resin casting of this car done from cutting up a L-L Proto 2K styrene body. I am unsure who will be eventually offering these however.

Bill Welch

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