Re: That S&T DT&I gon project

Donald B. Valentine

Hello Greg,

   Thanks for your response. Your offer is certainly appreciated. From what you have written I gather the carbody must be a regularly available kit. The Life-Like car or some other? What do you suggest for a
decal source? The car frames are easy enough. I have some now while the rack can be built from
photos that Phil Hastings sent me years ago. The things one misses not being able to attend Cocoa.

   Thanks again for your help. Enjoy the Cascades.

My best, Don Valentine

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Ted made the masters for the drop ends, Tom Madden run the parts and I believe I have a few left. I am in the Cascade foothills below Mount Hood but I will check for  you by Sunday morning.
Greg Martin
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Pierre & Greg,

    Are the DT&I gon castings still available somewhere???   I could use two
kits for these cars as they regularly traveled between Michigan and the Ford 
assembly plant in Somerville, Mass, via the CPR and B&M. Where might two
kits be found?

Thanks for any response, Don Valentine

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