DT&I gon - the official announcement

Tom Madden

Frank and Ted and I have been pondering how to handle this, but it looks like the decision has been made for us and there's no putting this genii back in the bottle....

I have available a very limited number of resin casting sets for the DT&I 41'-6"' Greenville mill gondola. This is the same car that was the subject of one of Greg Martin's Cocoa Beach Shake 'n Take clinics, and much information, including prototype photos, can be found on the Shake 'n Take's Yahoo Group web page.

The Shake 'n Take model was based on a shortened Athearn model, but Frank chose to make his pattern from an original L-L P2K shell, which is a bit wider than the Athearn. Correct (and correct width) cast ends are included, as are coupler box lids. Here are links to some photos of castings:






Gorgeous decals are available from Speedwitch Media:



Frank's pattern work is, as usual, impeccable.

These will NOT be available from Resin Car Works (Frank's company), but Ted may offer them packaged with his decals, but only at shows. (That's the part we're still working on.)

I know Don wants a couple, and I've received some off-list requests. After allowing for those, I have 18 sets available at $13 each plus a flat $4 for shipping regardless of quantity. Same procedures as with my previous tank car offerings - contact me OFF LIST ONLY at pullmanboss (at) yahoo (dot) com, first come first served. Do not pay until I contact you. If I get requests for more than the 18 I'll start a wait list and will make more if there's enough interest.

Don't want to be nasty, but in the interest of keeping things clean for Mike, orders that go to the entire STMFC List rather than just to me will go to the wait list. If you want a shot at the 18, make sure of where your Reply is going!


Tom Madden

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