Re: Help Needed from Vol. 3 RP CYC

Donald Ford <ford.donald77@...>

they used two pieces of Evergreen #4528 corrugated siding with spacing between grooves of 0.080".  They used 0.010" soft tinned copper wire.
Don Ford
Cameron MO

On Friday, July 8, 2016 5:20 PM, "fgexbill@... [STMFC]" wrote:

I cannot find my copy of RP CYC Volume 3 at the moment. In it is an article by Jack Spencer and Ed Hawkins on 52' drop end gons that features using Evergreen Siding to pound out Lading Anchors using .012 brass wire.

Well. . .Evergreen makes several sizes/varieties of siding. I am hoping the article contains the Evergreen specifics. I would really appreciate someone checking their copy of Vol. 3 and letting me know if there is a stock number or other specs related to the Evergreen styrene. You can email me offline: fgexbill(at)

Thank you!
Bill Welch

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