Re: AC&F covered hoppers


Hey Bruce...

Wouldn't it be easier to start with the Bowser covered
hopper? I believe they are of the same prototype that the
Kato car is and the Bowser is available in both open and
closed versions and is better detailed, regularly
available...and cheaper to boot!

Bill Daniels
Tucson, AZ

On Thu, 3 May 2001 08:18:57 -0500
"Bruce F. Smith V.M.D., Ph.D." <smithbf@...>

Mike wrote:

Bruce, I'm not of the opinion that the Kato cars are
aqctually models of
AC&F cars. I agree, of course, that they are of AC&F Richard
notes. However, the hatch latching mech seems to be one
used more by General
American. Certainly the UP Ch-70-2, for which Kato
provides a model, were
built by Gen. American. The only reason I mention this
is to suggest that
you check out the hatch latching...and perhaps the
hatches as well...on the
Erie cars. For instance, the one in the photo on pg 28
in Richard's article
has single tines instead of the 2 as provided by
Kato...and which is correct
for Gen. American built cars...sometimes [ note my usual
hedge ]. Why is
this important? Who knows...maybe a tine counter will
show up someday.

Yeah, I had noticed the difference in the latch...I
hadn't decided if I was
going to do anything about it, since the latch mechanism
provided by Kato
is both nice and fragile...but NOW THAT YOU'VE TOLD THE
I'll have to fix it <G>. Since I recently got a grit
blaster, I'll
probably strip the sides with that to remove any chance
of the lettering
showing through, and since I'm going that far, the molded
grabs will be
replaced as well (Geez, this just went from a simple
repaint to another
rebuild job!). Any other details I need to change to
make them AC&F Erie

Happy Rails

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