Re: Ice Bunker Reefers: Preventing Mold & Mildew (Open Hatch Covers)

Bill Welch

I have been following this thread and have these thoughts/questions, none of which really respond to Scott.

Depending on the time of year, the northern tier of states—WFE territory, NP too—was heater territory, requiring the removal of ice and placement of heaters in the bunkers. Depending on the icing instructions the ice may have been combined with salt, lowering the temperature enough I would think to make the ice really hard, this making the job even more time consuming. I cannot swear to it at the moment but I believe I have read among my resource I have that "blow torches" were used to loosen the ice. Regardless this whole chore must have been really challenging for the crews since the cars stay loaded and the change needed to be done with some expediency.

Regarding whether bunkers ever dried out I am wondering how many days with a heater in them would it take for a bunker to "dry out?"

Bill Welch

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