Re: Ice Bunker Reefers: Preventing Mold & Mildew (Open Hatch Covers)


White Oak is known to not absorb much of anything. If the cars were lined with it, then presumably the moisture would be surface rather than soaked in. I don't think mold would be a problem in this situation. 

What kind of wood was used inside these reefers?


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Regarding whether bunkers ever dried out I am wondering how many days with a heater in them would it take for a bunker to "dry out?"


Probably about forever, since there was no ventilation (remember, cars in heater service were placarded "POISON FUMES") so no place for the water to go. I can envision the water just condensing back out as it contacted cooler surfaces of the car interior.

No one has answered my previous question; Has anyone run into specifications for a cleaning solution to be used while cleaning the cars? That would be the answer to mold and mildew.

Dennis Storzek

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