Re: ACC: thick vs. gel ( Barge Cement )


The thought occurred to me....

Last month or so I surfed Amazon for small bottles to put electronic cleaner into, and they are common and even cheap. They are a byproduct of crafts like the essential oils hobby.

So being oil-tight, they'll work well for Barge Cement containers.

There are ways to make a securing block from a chunk of wood so that a bottle can be anchored into it as a way to load one without it slipping around. Just slip the open bottle into its 'socket' to have it under control.

Some of those bottles, the drilled block of wood, and some small nylon funnels would make it somewhat easy to prepare small containers of the yellow Barge cement from the quart cans.

Heck, you can build the fixture from strip-wood or triple wall cardboard if you'd prefer; it will still do the job well.

A coffee can sloshing inside with the solvent for Barge cement would make a darned good wash tank for cleaning up the funnels after filling a number of the small bottles.

As I see it, it's very possible to make up small containers of The Good Stuff. Just a bit of planning and you've beat the system into being your way.

Mike Bauers

On Jul 17, 2016, at 10:29 AM, "Denny Anspach danspachmd@... [STMFC]" <STMFC@...> wrote:

The Yellow Barge cement is available in quarts -as has been noted-, but…..I have yet been unable to figure out how to translate pouring this stuff out of quart can to applying it in serial tiny spots, etc. without massive wastage and a huge mess! In the close to tweny years that i have been using Barge, I probably have not touched more than perhaps a total of a pint or considerably less, much less a quart!

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