Re: Glueing rail with Barge Cement

Dennis Storzek

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Pilobond is recommended by the fast tracks guys. I've used it for 5 years with no issues so par. I hope what Andy describes didn't happen to me.  I also spike the track. 

Brian J. Carlson

I just looked up the MSDS for Pliobond... found two, Pliobond 20 and Pliobond 30; one is 67% MEK, the other 77%. I suspect Pliobond can also be "reactivated" with MEK. One thing that has always concerned me is using heat to set Pliobond. If the heat causes it to polymerize, It won't "reactivate" (soften) later, so once the bond with the rail is lost, "that's all, she said."

I went to look up the MSDS for barge cement, but they have more products than I am familiar with, so can't see if the rubber base is the same (the older Pliobond sheet says it's mostly "nitrile rubber." I've always suspected the two are comparable products.

Dennis Storzek

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