Re: CRI&P 40' box car decals?

hubert mask

For those to whom this applies, I have used a different source for reference and have made adjustments to fit my new source for decal sets 87-257 and 87-258 , Rock Island route of the rockets.  For those that may have purchased these in the past I have inserts with these adjustments.   If you desire to have the adjustments please send me an email with you address and purchase date if you recall and I will send out the supplement.  We attempt to make decals as accurate as possible and rely on resources.  Thank you the customer for your patients.

Hubert Mask

Mask Island Decals Inc.

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The lettering for the "Route of the Rockets" text in the Mask Island sets 257 &  258 seems too small for the pictures I have compared to as well as several other manufactures sets. I did talk to Hubert about this and he indicated the size is per drawings he has. Mask Island decals are great to use so its a personal decision. Steve Hile also makes several sets which are suitable for your model. 

Ross Dando
Meridian, Idaho

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