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Bruce F. Smith V.M.D., Ph.D. <smithbf@...>

Oh, one more item, Dr Bruce...

If I recall correctly aren't GP-30's a wee bit new for 1944?
Yeah, a bit, but ever since I was a wee lad the GP-30 has fascinated
me...Its really one of very few diesels I find interesting...Of course, I
would never have paid the list price ($95) for them, but my hobby shop had
'em at 60% off on Saturday for his annual "sidewalk sale", so I picked up a
couple...I figure that I'll add trainphones, weather them, and use them on
somebody elses layout <G>.

As an aside to Mr. Brock, I tried not to let Brianna see these locomotives,
as they might be an "innappropriate influence", but much to my chagrin she
found them in the bag, and made me take them out and run them. Happily,
she immediately decided that she preferred to run the N&W Y-3 on the next
track (that's my girl!). BTW, she and I started work on detailing a
Walthers Russel plow to PRR specs this weekend...hopefully it will be ready
for Prototype Rails-Cocoa 2002...only one problem...she wants it to be
yellow, and I want grey/black (pre 1953 PRR MOW).

For those of you not "in the know", my daughter Brianna will turn 3 in
June, is an avid railfan, and has earned a lifetime pass to Mike's layout
room by requesting "more steam engines!" (and hosing a bunch of diesel
heads (aka Jim Six and Mike Rose) in the process <G>)

You really should try some of those Athearn Genesis
F-7's...they make the GP-30's look shabby (and they were
built in the {late}1940's...)
They are SPECTACULAR, but alas, they were not on sale...

I did also pick up some Stewart 55 ton Hoppers (LV and WM), LL P2K Type 21,
8,000 gallon tanks,(required STMFC content <G>) and a Walthers Double Track
Swing Bridge (YUCK - ask me more on that in some other post if you care,
and I'll go into my plans for it) for 30% off.

Happy Rails

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