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Tony Thompson

Garth Groff wrote:


The domes that came on my Thomas cars are not the same those used on the wine cars. They are a bit hard to measure without calipers, but in scale they are about 42" in diameter, with a height of about 18" as measured from the centerline of the car. They have a single L-shaped safety valve protruding from the side along the centerline. I have no idea of the capacity of such a dome, but I think you would agree this is inappropriate for an 8 or 10K single-compartment car, and why I replaced same. Yesterday I looked for Thomas Industries tank cars online, and after sorting out all the "Thomas the Tank Engine" stuff, did not see a single example with these domes. Perhaps my car came from an early production run (or a later one if Thomas got sloppy!).

      I too have a metal tank car with those exact domes (a three-compartment car), but don't know the origin of the car. I think it is NOT an Athearn, but don't know who. I too have searched the various Thomas stuff on line, along with the catalog sheets that came in the car kits, and none of their cars had that dome. I might suggest that your tank car is actually NOT a Thomas car.

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