Re: GATC Tank Car Advice

Tony Thompson

Tom Madden wrote:

Could Garth's tank be a Globe? They made one- and two-dome tank car kits back in the day. This should be right up Denny's alley.

   I don't think so. Globe made a 12,000-gallon car and a 10,000-gallon car, along with a "shorty" 10,000-gallon fat tank, all single-dome and with prototype size large domes. These were subsequently sold by Athearn after 1948.
     I wonder about Mantua, when they made a tank car with a metal shell. My triple-compartment car has Mantua couplers which exactly fit in a narrow coupler box (Mantua couplers did not need to swivel, because they had such a large gathering range).

Tony Thompson

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