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Hi all

  I have worked  as a  watchmaker, and my broaches all work in a rotary fashion. Broaches are also slightly tapered,  so you have to use it from both sides of the hole to get straight sides. It could not be drawn through a hole without twisting.


Ed Holler 

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Bill, perhaps watchmakers use the terms differently but as a machinist, reamers and broaches work differently.
Both modify the size or shape of a hole but a reamer cuts with a rotary action. A broach is pushed or pulled
through a hole cutting in a linear fashion. 
At least this is true of all that I have used.  I now expect someone to come up with the exception.
Chuck Peck 

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As a bonus I have also seen some really small reamers or broaches using the term watchmakers use.

Bill Welch

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