Re: Smaller Files

Tom Madden

Tim wrote:

> About a zillion years ago there was a magazine article that mentioned
> a file at a particular hardware store in Boulder Colorado. When I visited
> the city I went to that store and got the file - absolutely my favorite
> tool ever, I've used it for 20 years. perfectly flat, square edges, with
> one blind slide like Andy's file - which I agree is a wonderful feature.
> on a second visit to Boulder I bought an extra one just in case!
> how good is it? it's hard enough to file steel, but gentle enough that I
> can EASILY file down the rivets on an Athearn tank car body without any
> gouges or scratches and leave the body perfectly smooth - it cuts that
> Athearn plastic like butter.

Bob Schleicher, editor of RAIL MODEL JOURNAL, wrote the article. He lived in Boulder and touted that file. It's a Simonds 10" laminate file:

Gundlach No. 10-AP Simonds 10 All Purpose File : Floorz-N-More, Your Complete Flooring Needs Flooring|Tools|Supplies

I use it for rough cleanup of resin castings and am on my third one.

The hardware store is McGuckin's, which is right next to the hotel where Tim stayed. It's a fantastic hardware store, really worth visiting, but you can get those files elsewhere too.

Tom Madden

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