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Andy Carlson

I would caution using a back side of a blade to scrape off flash on a resin stock car side. If you think about it, flash is an thickness extension of the resin part, rising above the area where the pattern ended. I simply sand down the sides carefully over plate glass until the flash just disappears. You will get uncompromised board edges and the boards will be true thickness.
-Andy Carlson
Ojai CA

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I've been working on a few Westerfield stock cars.  I prefer to sand the sides a bit per Jack's method, then drag a scalpel blade BACKWARDS along the edges of the "boards".  The sharp edge of the back of the blade  defines and squares off the boards as well as cutting the flash off.  The same can be done with the back of an X-Acto no. 11 blade.

Steve Lucas

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