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This beginning to sound like the Varney tank car.  Varney did have a solid one piece underframe.  However, to the best of my knowledge all Varney underframes were clearly marked as such with the name Varney in the center channel.

Rich Orr

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Tony and Tom,

No, I don't think my two cars are Mantua, though construction is similar. The mystery cars are much better detailed (rivets pressed right into the steel tank instead of a paper wrapper and they were fully painted). They are in no way like the actual Mantua car that started all this (it is a Mantua, still in original box with instructions). None of the parts match, something that you would expect even with retooling.

Construction is similar to an Athearn, but again, the parts don't match up. For instance, the Athearn 40' tank had separate end castings and a pressed steel center sill (I still have a set of these parts in my scrap box). My mystery cars have the entire underframe cast in one piece. Could Athearn have done a major retooling of the Globe parts? When I was a youngster I had both Athearn and early Globe metal boxcars, and they were quite different.

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Tom Madden wrote:

Could Garth's tank be a Globe? They made one- and two-dome tank car kits back in the day. This should be right up Denny's alley.

   I don't think so. Globe made a 12,000-gallon car and a 10,000-gallon car, along with a "shorty" 10,000-gallon fat tank, all single-dome and with prototype size large domes. These were subsequently sold by Athearn after 1948.
     I wonder about Mantua, when they made a tank car with a metal shell. My triple-compartment car has Mantua couplers which exactly fit in a narrow coupler box (Mantua couplers did not need to swivel, because they had such a large gathering range).

Tony Thompson

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