Tim O'Connor

Hi Bill

A minor nitpick - 00-90 is not .090 (OD is .044) and 0-80 is not .080 (OD is .060)

Nice SP stock car by the way. Westerfield?


I have exhausted my modeling time for the morning and now it is back to the real world.  I have one item that I want to share first.
About a year ago there was a discussion on this list concerning screws for coupler box fasteners.  I came out of this with a reference
to a Hex Socket Head  Cap Screw.  I bought some in the .090 size and set them aside.  This mnorning's task was to install coupler
boxes on some of the resin cars in the pipeline.  WHAT A DIFFERENCE IN APPEARANCE THESE MAKE.  When viewed from the
side of the car you only see a slightgstem as opposed to an obvious screw head.  I am going to see if these are availab le in 2-56
for truck screws.

Bill Pardie

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