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Bruce Smith

Let me add, go slow and PAY ATTENTION. I managed to sand through a board on a resin NP car from Aaron Gjermundson with a few careless strokes. Of course, when I get back to that kit, the salvage is going to be to patch the bard with a fresh board to make it look like a repair in transit!

Bruce Smith
Auburn, AL

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Nothing I can add to Bill’s summary. I have a couple of pieces of plate glass with the edges ground. They give a nice level surface for things like this plus soldering together white metal trucks…

Jack Burgess

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Andy, Jack, Steve, and others,

I’d like complete details of how to sand the back of the Westerfield stock cars. I’ve ended up damaging the bracing when sanding the back thin.

Do you glue the grit down to the glass? What do you do to have equal pressure on the casting? Do you just use your fingers (which did not seem to work for me)? Grade of sandpaper?

Any and all help greatly appreciated. I do not want to ruin another set of sides.


Gary Ray

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