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Price is one reason. I recently bought a replacement piece of glass and a countertop for our fire restoration. I tried to get the sink cutout from countertop, but it wasn't whole and the pieces were irregular in shape. Adding a piece of correct size to the order was pricey. Might have gone to the factory to get leftovers but glass was cheap and abundant. I got a piece of laminate safety glass, dead flat, cut exactly to my portable model bench dimensions (13"x18") with polished beveled edge for $23.

The glass shop makes custom geometry furniture tops and custom glass shower doors as well as the usual window glass.


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   Thank you Tom. I was just about to ask why folks had not tried a piece of polished

granite rather than glass. Unless one has a good source for really thick glass and a
way to have the edges polished to avoid any sharpness it would seem that a usable 
piece of granite should be fairly easy to find at most any reputable building supply
business these days give the demand for granite counter tops.

Cordially, Don Valentine

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