NKP 22000-22349 series boxcars

D. Scott Chatfield

Been looking for a photo of this series with no luck. I'm building a Third Rail Graphics model for a friend. This is a Front Range double-door 40-footer, but based on the data printed on the model I seriously doubt the prototype is a match for it. I'm curious what doors, roof, and ends this series had. I've looked on line, in the Morning Sun color guide, and so on.

The N&W listing in the October 1965 ORER (I know, after this list's cutoff) says the series are "all steel, Z-bar" 40-foot boxcars with 10'0" inside height and 12'0" door openings. Not sure what is so special about Z-bar that it needs to be called out in the listing. Are these rebuilds of single-sheath boxcars?

Scott Chatfield

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