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Dave Nelson

How much can be answered (I own, a forum for train simming).  There are plenty of reasonably prices hosting services out there.  Bandwidth is inexpensive.  What tends to drive costs these days is using up a lot of disk space.  That’s a problem for sites that have a lot of downloadable content and/or a decade or more of lots of posts (with pictures).  But even with a lot of disk a membership the size of STMFC would have no trouble paying for a domain, board software, and hosting via a $0.30/year per member fee.  Maybe less.  Make it a $1/year and you can accumulate some money as a safety net for future unexpected expenses. Or if an annual membership fee is unacceptable then $5, $10, or $20 annual donations from a much smaller number of persons would serve just as well – IOW a low amount from lots of donators or a higher amount from far fewer.


The difficult-to-cover expense is with administrators.  Mike and Jeff handle an e-mail list well enough… running a board takes more time.  You need one or more persons w/ technical skills to apply security patches and do board upgrades. You need a handful of people who can work together to keep things organized – by that I mean to relocate posts put into the wrong forum, to split threads when thread drift gets out of hand, to add or delete forums as you conclude there is a better way to structure things.  It’s not that a lot of time is required all of the time but when something needs to be dealt with it’ll probably take more time than with an  e-mail list.


As for what’s different, board software handles attachments much better so it becomes standard for photos to come along with posts.  Board software handles threads better (what Yahoo calls topics), and board software gives you any number of forums so if you wanted forums by car type you can do that, if you wanted forums for semi-tangential topics, like track, you can do that too.


Dave Nelson


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The alternative is for the group to provide (pay for) it's own web hosting servers by some other private or contracted provider.   There has to be some certainty that as the need to account for the cost of providing the Yahoo groups feature is measured against the revenue return is weighed, somebody is going to pay.    The "when & how much" can't be answered by anybody just yet.



Tom Casey 

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