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                Fear not.  As this issue arose, I archived the entirety of STMFC (and Shake-N-Take) using PG Offline (the same program Doug Harding mentioned).  It took about 4 days because Yahoo doesn’t let you grab it all at once.  I have all of the messages (current through July 30, 2016), Files, and Photos.  That archive is backed-up, and a copy will soon be shipped away from earthquake-prone California (where I live) to hurricane-prone Florida (where Mike lives).


                We have also been investigating other similar places that can host STMFC.  There are even ways to upload our archive of old messages, files and photos so that it will appear we’ve “been there the whole time”.  I have no intention of moving STMFC until Yahoo (or its successor) kicks us out.




-Jeff Aley

Deputy Moderator, STMFC

Deputy Moderator, Shake-N-Take



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Wouldn't surprise me if Yahoo pulled the plugs on groups entirely. And I suspect if it happens it will be with little, if any, warning. 


If that did happen, I'm sure we'd all find one another eventually. The larger concern is what would happen to the tremendous repository of knowledge that's been collectively built up over the 14+ years this group has been active.

A while back we had some discussion that asked (I'm paraphrasing) -

"What would replace STMFC Yahoo group as a community platform?" and

"What would happen to the information currently on STMFC if Yahoo groups went away?"

As I recall, our esteemed administrator decided such a discussion, limited specifically to STMFC and not Yahoo in general, was within scope for STMFC -

But I'm not sure if we ever came up with any answers. 


Marty McGuirk




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I moderate three Yahoo groups having a combined membership of over 3,000.

The last nine or ten days I have had numerous LONG delays posting my messages to my own groups as well as delays in posting to other groups.

Several messages have not appeared at all after 24 hours...still waiting.

I fear we are going to see increasingly bad service from Yahoo due to suspected cost-cutting (I have no proof) to offset poor earnings. The recent sale to Verizon probably will result in more bad service as Verizon seeks (and I cannot blame them as it's their money) a good return on their investment.

I have initiated discussions with the moderators of the larger Yahoo railroad groups to see if they are making plans to transition from Yahoo should problems increase. I am looking at alternatives for my groups.

Bob Chaparro

Hemet, CA


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